Monday, November 9, 2009

Food For Thought

I am posting today on a little different note. I feel pressed in my heart to write. I begin each morning reading a few daily devotions and the bible passages that go with them. This seems to be a way I feel the Lord ministers to me daily what he would like me to take from that day. One of today's readings was based on the hunger we should live each day starving for a taste of the Lord. Wow!!! I have often felt that sense of urgency to grab a hold of him but today it was like some one had read my mail. Often I feel discouraged with the faults others feel of this world and their lives. Most proclaim to be Christ followers but yet are so empty they are sad and depressed. They do not have enough to eat or are constantly in turmoil. Today I found comfort that I should be striving toward my Lord. He has a will and a place for me and he puts me there daily. There are things I need to learn it may hurt but I am a testimony that he has Never ever left me. I sometimes think this one is too big , I don't know if I can pull through this one. Today I realized by speaking those lies I was putting God in a box. I realized today I needed to repent,. The very thing I became frustrated with hearing others "knock" my Gods abilities I had been doing. God can bring me through this day this trial and this challenge. God can cure cancer he can put marriages back together and he can bring that child home. God can provide for my every need and he cares what is on my heart. I know these things however this ready really brought to light that sometimes we fuss about our trials... however its at that time life is really the easiest. Instead of us trying to manhandle out lives and point them in the direction we think they should go and then pray for God to be in agreement with OUR decisions. He has us right where we are to be its at at that time we know we are resting in his arms. There are times we fuss over bills to pay for our cars our houses our other "things" today I was thinking some of our families best times is when the Lord had us completely broken and only relying on him. There was a time not too long ago when We lost our job. Evan was hurt and could only do certain things.We whinnied and fussed and cried and fought and almost lost our family in the mess. This went on for a little over a year.We still had a mortgage car payments children groceries etc. We were so focused on what we did not have that year that it took us until the end of that year when we filed taxes on 9,000 dollars that we realized we could have really enjoyed that time and instead chose to walk through that trial with clinched fists and dragging feet. The lesson? Fully rely on God! We a family of 4 lived on 9,000 we had a 400 a month mortgage, electric car payments and feeding everyone among other expenses. He carried us through. Here my friends is what I want to say out of all of this. Are you closer today with the Lord than you were yesterday. Are you walking through what you feel is hell right now? If so smile and know he is carrying you right now. Stop and take a moment to grab hold of your awesome savior. He can move mountains you know your problem or trial is nothing he cant handle. Hug your wife or husband and cuddle your children and pray over them right now as God has this all under control and doesn't need your help. He will take it all on his back. What are you to do in this ? Know he is God he is your all and loves your family more than you can love them. I pray the Lord blesses you and yours and I pray this small testimony of my daily ready will be light to someone. I have lived a lot of hard years floundering in my walk I am not perfect. However I have learned faith. Faith in knowing I am his and there is no one walking the face of this earth that has my best interest in mind more than he does.

Love and blessings from our family to yours!!

The Camerons

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall has arrived

Hello friends and family. We have finally came to a close on part one of our farm home renovation. We were so glad to see that come to a close. We still have some minor things that need to be finished such as touch up painting and trim work but nothing like taking out walls and redesigning them etc. We have all been a little under the weather with some kind of little head cold. We are taking it easy and exchanging our daily meals for a combination of zinc, vitamin C, and washing it down with air born. Everyone is feeling much better. I am pretty sure we let our bodies get too worn out from no sleep and improper eating habits. We wrapped up our home project last Friday the 30th of Oct. We are working on getting the outside of our little farm in order. Cleaning and organizing the garage and tidying the yard, as we made a big mess when we were in work mode. We hope to have the outside back in order by next weekend. Well back to work for us here.

Love and blessings from our little farm
The Cameron Family

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cameron update

Hello friends. Sorry it has been so long since we have blogged. Here is what we have been up to. On May 8th of 2009 we had a storm come through our area. There was no warnings put out however we had straight line winds of around 80mph. In this our little farm sustained a lot of damage. Being our unknowable selves we were not for sure how and if we should file an insurance claim. We ended up doing so and in Aug( toward the end) we finally had an adjuster come out and access the damages. We only filed on the roof but in the end we were up to about 20,000 in damages from the rain and hail tearing up roofs causing leaks. Ruined floors, walls, ceilings you name it it had damage. The only room that was safe from the damage was the bathroom and that ended when the adjusted took a look at the roof and pulled back some shingles... the rain came in the next good down pouring and well it has to be repaired as well. Here we are in Oct. We started the beginning of this month and here is what we have done. To insure no more leaks around the old chimneys we removed both of them and went to the central heating system and will use a gas log for power outages. We moved the stairs that dumped out in the hallway to now come into the dinning room. We removed the wall between the living and dinning rooms and put in an LVL for support so now its open between the two. We replaced the roofs on the house and the garage both. Rebuilt the furnace room to allow for more space in the spare bedroom and hung new doors in the hall closet that is new and on the new furnace closet. We tore out the sheetrock in the dinning area outside wall only to find it to be insulated by dirt dobber nests. We textured the walls and ceilings and painted and laid new laminate and carpet in the front area. Left to do: we are removing the 2 closets in our master bedroom hopefully today and putting one nice one back in at an angle into a corner. putting in a door to the patio from our master bedroom. From there we will texture and paint and the carpet will go in the end of this week beginning of next. The spare bedroom will be textured and painted and then we will work on trim in our spare time. We are wanting to make it more uniform as right now its hodgepodged together. We give much thanks to our dear friends and family that helped out so much in making all of this come together in such a short time. As I look back I am like wow that is a long list...we have been able to get a lot done in a short time. Now we are off to organize the spare and master rooms in preparation for the closed tear outs.

Love and Blessings
The Camerons

Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy Busy bees!

Its been a while since we have posted. A lot has went on since our last post as I will update on later. But for now we are busy working on getting the family garden out, we have our first round of chickens which will be ready by June 5th, and have this years start of beef for the family farm in the way of 4 jersey cross steers that are growing and adapting nicely to their new home. The chickens are running at 97 percent which is a good start after week one. We have 3 that we have had to cull because they were smaller than the others and are in need of some extra tlc. We will begin planting the family garden the first of May and as soon as that is in we will begin the truck gardens of watermelon,pumpkins and tomatoes and possibly potatoes this season. We look forward to all the Lord has in store for our little farm this year.

Blessings and happy farming!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Poultry 2008

Its that time of year where we gear up for our busy season. We will begin our 2008 meat production in the next couple of weeks. We will be going tomorrow to pick up our first round of birds. 50 chickens and 10 turkeys. The chickens will be ready to dress in 6 weeks. We will be concentrating our effort due to the cold weather to make sure our turkeys are ready for Thanksgiving this year, so for the next few weeks we will be focusing on those the most. We raise heritage breeds mainly, but will have bronze breasted turkeys available for those who are interested in having a naturally raise turkey. We will post later in the week and show our set up. We will also post weekly on the growth of the birds to show you how truly amazing God's design is in providing for his children. We will have chickens available once a month, the first round will be ready May 30th for on the farm pick up. You can chose a live bird or we will dress it for you here on the farm as a courtesy. Our desire is to provide a resource for fresh, natural meats, therefore our price are not reflective of the normal specialty poultry market. We do not sell by the pound, we sell by the bird. Each of our birds are 4-6Lbs+ and are $6 each. Please send in your orders now, so that we are sure to have the stock, and to get the order filled in a timely manner.

Cameron Farms

Cameron Farms has been a five year adventure for our family. We moved here only with the desire for the peace and quiet the the trees,grass, dirt roads, and the near by lake could offer us. Along the way we have truly seen this develope into a fun filled and exciting adventure that takes us down several interesting paths and directions to find our one true calling in life. This blog will hopeful allow you to see some insite to some of the off the wall, crazy ideas that we have had and participated in and how some of them played out to be profitable and some not so much. If there is one thing we have harvest a lot of it is true laughter. We have had to laugh at ourselves daily in this adventure if we could sell it we would be rich. A little about us and out reasoning. We are a family of four we have two children we homeschool and utilize this farm for their classroom. We wanted our children to not only have the classroom education but also be wise in aspects of survival as well as self sufficiency. Some of these things cannot be taught in the class room and we feel a strong conviction to teach our children to take care of themselves and provide for their families in good times and in tough ones alike. We teach them to grow and raise their own foods and how to do minor home repairs to cook, clean and budget. I want these things to come naturally to them as adults so life is as realistic as it can be. Our goal as a family is to eventually have our modest farm paid off and bring my husband home to help on the farm full time. Cameron Farms is focused on providing our family along with others in the community with fresh pasture raised poultry and vegetables from our family farm. We will have areas of opportunity on purchasing meat and vegetable products straight from our farm on our blog and give and area of resource for those who would like to do the same for their family. Thanks for joining us on the farm and check back daily for updates in our journey.